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Multi-Media Director – Lakeland Community Church

Full Time Salaried Position $40,000-$50,000 based on experience

Posted: September 2017.

Position Purpose:

Lakeland Community Church utilizes a wide range of technology to communicate the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Multi-Media Director serves the church as leader and steward over various serving teams and technical systems.

Job Description:

The primary values of the Multi-Media Director can be divided into three areas of focus: leadership, shepherding, and creativity. Leadership applies to the greatest resource of the church: its people. The primary focus of this Director is empowering the people of God to serve in the church. The second area of focus is shepherding. As a church multi-media director, shepherding and coaching people to tell the story of God is a demanding call.  Therefore, excellent interpersonal skills, strong theological foundation, and finely developed communications skills are a necessity. Finally, the Multi-Media Director will endeavor to be a pace-setter for creativity in the arts. As we are made in God’s image, we believe beauty points us back to God; therefore creativity is central to anointed worship of God. The Multi-Media Director will partner with the Worship Arts Director and the pastoral staff to bring creativity in various forms to Lakeland’s worship culture.


  • Leadership
  • Sunday Morning Adult Service Teams: Team leadership under the Multi-Media Director is limited to the Sunday Morning Adult Service (NOT K-12, early childhood, or special class or event settings). The current span of care is:
    • Audio
    • Lighting
    • Video Screen Presentation
    • Podcast (until creation of the Communications Director)
    • Announcements (until creation of the Communications Director)
    • And to assist those giving testimonies on Sunday Morning (until the creation of the Communications Director).
  • Sunday Morning Video Production: The Video Production Team produces pieces for worship & sermon support.
  • Sunday Morning Graphic Design: For sermon series, worship screens, and weekly handout.
  • Graphic Design & Production for Church Events and Programs NOT a part of Sunday Worship: Event & ministry promotion may also be needed so long as total video production and graphic design in a given quarter does not exceed 234 hours (roughly 18 per week). These projects will be prioritized by the Pastoral Team.
  • Perform Weekly Maintenance of Technical Systesm: All Technical Arts equipment should be in good working condition. This includes:
    • Replacing bad cables and batteries, troubling shooing malfunctioning microphones, managing files on sanctuary computers, and background music playlists.
    • Focusing lights for surfaces, changing bulbs and gels as needed, and programing lighting board transitions.
    • Also communicating with pastors about sermon notes needed for screens, maintaining video projectors (cleaning, blubs, focus), and maintaining copyright compliance for the display of worship lyrics.


Employment Start Date: Ready to Hire

Hours: Full Time

The Multi-Media Director is a full time, salaried position. Therefore, it is expected that the employee will work as many hours as it takes to accomplish the tasks at hand. Consequently, hours spent working will vary from week to week, especially considering the nature of a creative arts-driven position. Weekly work schedule has some degree of flexibility, so an employee has limited leeway to set one’s own schedule, particularly in light of working occasional evening hours to accommodate working with congregation members during evening hours. Required office hours are outlined below. We also believe that 40 hours is a healthy workload for a full-time employee, balancing productivity with family, rest, and recreation. So, we encourage employees to track hours and observe comp. time when appropriate, managing to an average of 40 hours per week. Required office hours (not eligible for comp. time) include:

  • Tuesday 10am-2:30pm (for staff meetings)
  • Thursday 6pm-10pm (for weekly rehearsal)
  • Sunday 7am-12:30pm (for Sunday services)
  • Any special event or service which requires leadership from this position. For instance: Good Friday service, Financial Challenge events, or extra rehearsals. (eligible for Comp Time)

Salary:               $40,000 – 50,000 annually depending on previous experience and training

APPLY for this position by sending the following garrettl.lakeland @gmail.com

  • Resume with cover letter
  • Clickable link to a sample or gallery of videos you have created and edited. You should be the primary creator of all samples you submit.

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