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Facility Director – Lakeland Community Church

Full Time Salaried Position $40,000-$50,000 based on experience

Posted: October 2016.
This position will begin January 4 of 2017.

OVERVIEW: Lakeland Community Church owns a 67,000 square foot multi-use facility on 4.4 acres (mostly parking lot). The building is insured for almost seven million dollars with another two million in valuable contents. The Facility Director is primarily charged with the care, upkeep, and development of these valuable ministry resources. The Facility Director reports directly to the Staff Pastor.

PRIMARY DUTIES: This position has three parts requiring three different skill sets; all three parts are essential and equally important.

PART 1 – Facility Care and Maintenance (approx. 20 hrs. a week): We have a 67,000 square foot facility with parking lot, lobby, coffee bar, modern sanctuary, class rooms, indoor playground, indoor soccer field, seven restrooms, and modern office. The Facility Director will
maintain cleanliness, repair, and upgrades for the entire facility including: cleaning crews*, lawn care*, snow removal*, setting up/tearing down for events, annual safety inspections, and frequent light electrical, plumbing, painting, and sheetrock work. The Facility Director will also support and maintain a small office computer network (10-12 terminals, 1 copier/printers).

The starred items are currently contracted out; however, the Facility Director can decide whether to continue in that way or not. Other areas can be done personally or with a team of volunteers the Facility Director would develop. Other expectations include:

  • Developing and managing a budget of approximately $100,000.
  • Annually rebidding various contracted services to get the best value possible
  • Managing energy usage and utilities
  • Working with the Pastor and Executive Committee to continuously maintain and improve the physical plant.
  • Working with various vendors and contractors to get the best value and timeliest service for facility needs.
  • Managing and continuously updating our general liability and property insurance policies
  • Being alert and mindful of facility needs. Being a self-starter to address those needs

PART 2 – Sports Field and Other Facility Rentals (approx. 10 hrs. a week). Lakeland Community Church intends to make all parts of the building useful and available to the community. The soccer field and other classrooms are continuously rented and in operation
throughout the week. In addition to community exposure this generates over $80,000 in annual revenue for the church. This position will maintain the facility calendar, constantly tending to these customers and negotiating schedule changes as church needs arise. The
facility director will work with executive committee to set fees and strategies to see that the facility remains in constant use. The Facility Director is ultimately responsible for having the building open and properly closed at the right times year-round. Types of rentals we do

  • Soccer practices (non-profit teams)
  • Other indoor sporting event practices
  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Recitals
  • Parties & Dances
  • Homeschool Play-Groups
  • Non-Profit Clothing Sales

PART 3 – Servant Care (approx. 10 hrs. a week). At Lakeland Community Church all staff members’ PRIMARY job is making it possible for members of the congregation to use their gifts, skills, and talents to serve the church. Many members of our congregation have amazing gifts that can be used in the facility—they may not even realize these are spiritual gifts given by God! You can help them see the gifts God has given them!

  • Recruit teams of servants to clean, repair and upkeep the building
  • Train this team of servants
  • Care for these people: encouraging them, ministering to them, and pastoring them as a member of a ministry staff.
  • Foster opportunities to serve: work days, projects, organized teams, and strong communication.
  • Treat them well, appreciate them, and guide them into life in Christ.


  • The congregation provides $100,000 a year for the Facility operation. This is roughly allocated as follows:
    • $6600 for unexpected needs and repairs
    • $4000 added annually to a fund to resurface the parking lot
    • $27,000 for a professional cleaning crew, pest control, and floor waxing
    • $4500 for snow removal and mowing by professional crews
    • $5600 for required safety inspections
    • $52,000 for utilities
  • Both of the previous two facility directors are still members of the Lakeland Congregation. While they cannot do the job for you, they can be a consulting resource for you.
    • A wide variety of volunteers already serve in various areas. You will want to get to know them soon.
    • Executive Committee: Three professionally minded members of the congregation consult with the facility director to bring specific recommendations about the building to the attention of the Elders
    • One congregant has managed physical plant for multi-million dollar institutions for over thirty years and is willing to consult with you.

You may expect several steps in the hiring process:

  2. ELDER INTERVIEW: This interview will touch on experience but will be primarily interested in understanding your spiritual health, faith in God, and fitness for ministry.
  3. STAFF INTERVIEW: The facility director serves every ministry that happens on these grounds. Therefore, your ability to work with all the other staff must be assessed. A variety of staff members will meet with you and ask you anything they might like to ask.
  4. EXECUTIVE TEAM INTERVIEW: This interview will be primarily interested in understanding your experience and expertise regarding the specific job duties for this position.

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