Lakeland Athletic Field

Practice Facility

Our field is 182′ x 82′

Lakeland’s indoor turf field is available for hourly rentals for athletic teams and group events. The field has two rates: Full field and half field. Our primary renters:

– Soccer
– Lacrosse
– Softball
– Baseball
– Ultimate Frisbee

Please note, we do not allow spiked shoes on our field.  We also can not accommodate football or rugby. Thank You.

Liability/ Waiver Form

Please Download and Return the PDF waiver form

Reading the Calendar

The calendar portions highlighted in red are Half Field rentals. Two per hour are allowed.
The portions in blue are Full Field rentals. One per hour is allowed.

Field Reservations

The form on this page is a simple interactive form that lets you find the field time you need, make the reservation and pay upfront.

If you have any questions, please call (816) 554-0929 ext 131 or

Email Us