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LAKELAND CAMP 2015 The Force Will Awaken

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August 21st-23rd
Every member of Lakeland Community Church regardless of age is invited to join us for Lakeland Camp.
Enjoy air conditioned accommodations and a relaxed scheduled filled with time to play on the waterslide, swim in the pool, or talk with good friends on the lakeside patio. There is as much action or relaxation as you could want!
Sign-Up early and receive a SIGNIFICANT discount!
Cabins or Tent options available
See registration form for current pricing
Registration opens March 15

PREMARTITAL CLASS with Garrett & Ashley Lahey

Friday's 6-9, Saturday's 9-12
September 18-19
September 25-26
October 9-10
SKIP October 2-3
$20 single, $40 couple
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